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Monthly Archives: March 2021

british museum 5200528  340 - Do You Know About British Hat Culture?

Do You Know About British Hat Culture?

In the UK, you can find that many social customs are tied to hats. If a male guest calls his friend, after entering the room, he must first remove his hat. If you are going to a dinner party where your relative or friend is,

union jack 1027898  340 - UK Tour Begins

UK Tour Begins

This month sees the start of the Tour of Britain, a multi-cycling race staged covering the length and breadth of England across eight stages. The race starts on Sunday with a 201km journey from Peebles to Drumlanrig Castle, before gradually moving south and finishing in

london 2393098 960 720 600x400 - England in Bloom 2012

England in Bloom 2012

With the New Year, the Royal Horticultural Society ushered in a new batch of contestants for the annual ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition, where communities of hope from across the UK compete to be honored as British ecological champions. The aim of this RHS phenomenon is