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Do You Know About British Hat Culture?

In the UK, you can find that many social customs are tied to hats. If a male guest calls his friend, after entering the room, he must first remove his hat. If you are going to a dinner party where your relative or friend is, when you enter the dining room you should not only take your hat off, you should either cover it or put it on a chair nearby, instead of just putting your hat on the table. When you meet an acquaintance on the street, if you are a woman, you just need to nod and smile or say hello. But if you are a boy, when you meet female acquaintances you generally also need to take off your hat and bow to her.

This etiquette is also reflected in English.

For example, the English idiom “hat in hand” simply means utmost respect. And another expression “to take one’s hat to (someone)”, its broad meaning is “to admire someone”.

In addition, there is a kind of black hat in England which is called “bowler hat” (It is said that the hat was designed by a London hatter called the John Bowler hat in 1950), it is very popular among men and businessmen and has also become a status symbol of British men. If someone is wearing a new straight “black bowler hat”, people will think about it very much, on the contrary, people will look down at the person wearing the bowler worn. There is a phrase “bad hat” in English, which means “bad guy” moreover, people describe something very black, they say, “a cap”, perhaps it is assumed that it is related to the blower cap.

The interesting thing is that the British parliament has a rule:

Senators entering the council room wearing hats are not allowed, but they must wear their hats when speaking. So many senators simply entered the head of the senate naked, and wore the public hats the senate prepared. Consequently when during an issue debate, you may notice the hat emulatively passing between the speakers. When they fight intensely, the hat passes through the air, and is followed by a whistle, the sound of the cap foot, all of which just seems like a game of passing without drums. The funnier thing was, no matter what size the senator’s head was, all of them could only wear the same hat, often causing roars of laughter.