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About Us

Historians of Britain is an independent and non-partisan academic organization that offers a comprehensive and strong voice about various factors that may contribute to the growth and development of the United Kingdom. We are composed of historians, political theorists and analysts, and academicians who are in dedicated to historical research to expand knowledge and understanding about the fundamental changes surrounding our country.

Recently, the British government decided to leave the European Union. On June 23, 2016, they held a referendum called “Brexit”, asking the British population whether the UK shall remain or leave the European Union. In conclusion, over 71% or 30 million British people voted for the UK to withdraw its membership from the EU.

This referendum is a very crucial event in our history. As citizens of the United Kingdom, it is our rightful duty to discern on this decision. We have been a member of the EU for over 40 years. There have been series of ups and downs in our political and economic landscape.

Thus, on this website, we want to ensure that the British people get better understanding about this issue. Further, we promise to be unbiased and factual in dealing with this timely circumstance.

The pros and cons of Brexit

In every action, there are always advantages and disadvantages. With the decision of the majority to leave the EU, there are certain sectors that we need to look through. We dedicate this website to carefully discuss both the benefits and consequences of leaving the European Union. This includes matters surrounding the economy, trade, immigration, jobs, investment, bureaucracy, and sovereignty, among others. We do not want to impose a choice. But, we want you to be learned so that you can be able to decide for yourself.

The UK after the Brexit

The decision really lies to the people. It is not the government, but the British people. As a matter of fact, the decision will directly impact them. Right after the result of the referendum, there were different reports surrounding the web. Some reports say that the UK economy has collapsed. Other reports also tell that jobs and investments started to decrease in number. These “facts” are not verified. Thus, through our website, we want to educate you about the “real” statistics and data about the direct impact of the Brexit’s result to the United Kingdom. As historians, we live by facts. Thus, we make sure that all our content here on the website are verified from reliable sources.

The future of the United Kingdom

Let us think about the future. Our decision today affects our tomorrow. Let us not waste time not caring about the Brexit, about our economy, about the latest transactions in the government, and about the United Kingdom. We are a “united” “kingdom”. Thus, let us be one in deciding for the future of our country. As a matter of fact, if our country collapses, we all collapse as well. The Brexit is a very important matter today. It is important that we show our concern about the future of the United Kingdom by taking an active part in this movement.